Thursday, September 29, 2011

My new favorite poem

The Leap.

by: illana burk of makeness.

You stand there… looking at the divide that stands between what you have and what you want.

The chasm is where all the things you’re afraid of lie – waiting in the quiet shadows. They don’t even notice you. They share their quiet existence only with themselves – creeping softly in the dark.
But you feel them – whispering at you to back off of the ledge, and head back to safety.
But you’re ready.
You WANT what’s on the other side.
You NEED what’s on the other side.
So you stand there. Firmly planted. And think about how you got here.
A lifetime of tiny choices – missteps – failures – triumphs.
A career of excellence and shortcomings.
A thousand encouraging words – and even more that stung to the core.
You stand here because you were meant to.
You were driven to.
You have to.
And now, here you stand, firmly planted.
Hoping the the path rises up to meet your fearful feet.
Hoping that this last test is one you can pass.
Hoping that what’s on the other side is worth it.
Hoping that you have enough faith to unearth one foot, and then the other to take that first step – eyes closed – into the dark.
The only sound you hear is the quickening thump in your chest.
Thump Thump
Thump Thump
Thump Thump
Your palms ache from being squeezed beneath you nervous fingers.
You wish, more than anything that someone would just give you a push.
The voice in your head is telling you all the reasons why this is a bad idea.
You could go back to the job you hate.
You could tell your friends and family the same thousand excuses you’ve used before when you failed in this moment.
They will love you anyway.
You could turn around right now and no one would judge you.
And that voice is right.
You could do any of those things, and it would all be ok.
But you know something that little voice in your head doesn’t.
You are ready.
This time IS different.
You’re ready to have the life you’ve always wanted.
You’re ready to risk it all.
You’re ready to be the exception, not the rule.
You have that fire inside you that tells you that no matter what, all roads lead here.
To this very spot.
Firmly planted.
But Brave.
The voice in your head quiets.
And all you hear is the sound of One. Long. Slow. Breath.
and Out…..
Any you’re not hoping anymore.
Now, you know.
You know that this is it.
You know that the money will come.
You know that you are brilliant.
You know that the road will rise up to meet you.
You know that this path – is the only path, and the one you traveled to get here is gone.
And you CAN do this.
And you are not afraid anymore.
And you are certain.
And you know that It. Will. Be. Flipping. Amazing.
You know this.
Right now.
You know this.
And the earth around your feet begins to soften.
And your fingers tingle with excitement.
And your heartbeat begins to slow.
There is only one think left to do.
You open your eyes.

And you leap.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I want a damn 13.1 sticker for MY car

This has described me fairly well. I did start working out on a more consistent basis last summer and feel that the results have made me more confident and generally a bit more healthy, but now it is time for a new goal. 

I bought a house, found love, proposed a radical change (that has been agreed to) in my job, nearly finished my Master's degree (come on December), led a group of women through their first year in the Junior League (and have started a new group of women this week) and now that I know I can do anything and thrive on busy challenges, its time to make a new goal  even in the midst of life starting to get busy again- I have made a decision. I have decided I want a new challenge. Yeah I want to lose weight and be all super model thin, but really I just want to be a bad ass runner. I just want to be a healthier version of me and by combining these two things I know that I can make myself happy. 

I have been reading healthy living blogs for years and I have seen my fair share of these types of training schedules and I realize I am going to need that, but I don't know where to start. I commit to beginning the initialization of this project.  Does anyone have any good suggestions about a training plan besides the C25K?

The Goal= Running a half Marathon by June 2012

Running Shoes
It seems almost funny that years ago I was a die hard devotee to Nike's, but as I learning to make changes. My boyfriend is an avid runner and took me to a running store, instead of my normal Finish Line for whatever was simply the prettiest.

So since that trip I have learned that the Brooks Launch was the shoe for me. For one I still had the flash of a coo, trendy looking shoe; but I also got the lightweight perfectly designed for the way I run shoe. I feel like I am running on pillows, my toes don't get that numb feeling after 30 minutes and I don't fee like I am running with cement on my feet. They are wonderful.
How did you determine what running shoe was best for you? 

Running Clothes
I do still gravitate towards Nike products here. The Tempos are the only running shorts I have ever found that don't have me pulling at them the entire time I run. I do also like Lululemon and Lucy products because they suck ya in and keep you moving while you look super cute instead of in that ratty old T-shirt from 10 years ago.

What is your favorite brand of running/workout attire?

Feels good to be back- I need to write, I need to commit to myself and make these changes I have been talking about for years. What is holding me back? Now- NOTHING