Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I want a damn 13.1 sticker for MY car

This has described me fairly well. I did start working out on a more consistent basis last summer and feel that the results have made me more confident and generally a bit more healthy, but now it is time for a new goal. 

I bought a house, found love, proposed a radical change (that has been agreed to) in my job, nearly finished my Master's degree (come on December), led a group of women through their first year in the Junior League (and have started a new group of women this week) and now that I know I can do anything and thrive on busy challenges, its time to make a new goal  even in the midst of life starting to get busy again- I have made a decision. I have decided I want a new challenge. Yeah I want to lose weight and be all super model thin, but really I just want to be a bad ass runner. I just want to be a healthier version of me and by combining these two things I know that I can make myself happy. 

I have been reading healthy living blogs for years and I have seen my fair share of these types of training schedules and I realize I am going to need that, but I don't know where to start. I commit to beginning the initialization of this project.  Does anyone have any good suggestions about a training plan besides the C25K?

The Goal= Running a half Marathon by June 2012

Running Shoes
It seems almost funny that years ago I was a die hard devotee to Nike's, but as I learning to make changes. My boyfriend is an avid runner and took me to a running store, instead of my normal Finish Line for whatever was simply the prettiest.

So since that trip I have learned that the Brooks Launch was the shoe for me. For one I still had the flash of a coo, trendy looking shoe; but I also got the lightweight perfectly designed for the way I run shoe. I feel like I am running on pillows, my toes don't get that numb feeling after 30 minutes and I don't fee like I am running with cement on my feet. They are wonderful.
How did you determine what running shoe was best for you? 

Running Clothes
I do still gravitate towards Nike products here. The Tempos are the only running shorts I have ever found that don't have me pulling at them the entire time I run. I do also like Lululemon and Lucy products because they suck ya in and keep you moving while you look super cute instead of in that ratty old T-shirt from 10 years ago.

What is your favorite brand of running/workout attire?

Feels good to be back- I need to write, I need to commit to myself and make these changes I have been talking about for years. What is holding me back? Now- NOTHING

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